Covid Update

Dear Higher Way Church Family,

It is a new time and new world but we do not need to be afraid for Jesus has overcome the world. The church has not been closed, we have continued to do the work. Loving, serving, reaching, teaching, praying. We continue to meet the needs of our neighbors, church members and the stranger alone the way.
As it relates to COVID 19, nothing material has changed since March 15th. We have changed some behaviors and our awareness of the virus and its impact particularly upon communities of color have increased. Materially the virus is still here, there is no good treatment, cure or vaccine. People are and will continue to contract this disease. This is not the first time the church of Jesus Christ faced known and unknown challenges. The good news is the church of Jesus Christ has survived and thrived in the face of each challenge. We are still called to bear witness to the love God offers to everyone, let us be of good cheer for Jesus has overcome the world.
I would love nothing more than to be in worship with each of you this week. The reality of the Corona Virus makes it unwise and unnecessarily dangerous for us to gather in person in the near future. We will not rush, panic or give into fear. We will not be anxious over money, buildings, or how things look on the outside.
We will reevaluate in August and let science, common sense, and our calling to protect the most vulnerable guides us. We will keep you informed and survey the congregation again in July. We are going to stay safe, care for one another and do ministry in this new world by:
• Increasing our points of contact: Choir, Bible Study, Prayer ministry, Sunday School, Teen & Children. Coming soon VBS, Confirmation, Starting Point, Marriage Ministry, Men’s Ministry
• Increasing our technology and skill sets.
• Maintaining and improving our present facilities.
• Increasing and improving our online presence.
• Continuing to lead people to faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
• We can’t go back
Please reach out to me with any questions you may have and know that we will keep you informed as we move forward. Remember to "Subscribe" to our YouTube Channel at and "Like" our Facebook Page at for important updates.
In His Name,
Pastor Levingston