About Us


“We Follow Jesus and We Do What Jesus Did – Love, Serve, Reach, Teach, & Pray.”


We proclaim the message that Jesus is Lord, there is none like Him, his grace is ever available to the world. We proclaim the love of God, in Jesus, has the power to change any broken situation and make it whole. We proclaim Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation and the Holy Spirit is still equipping believers to go out and do what Jesus did. We proclaim the Bible is true and primary in all matters of faith and life. We proclaim Jesus is the light of the world and all who come to him may have eternal life. John 8:12


The church consists of all ages, socioeconomic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds. We are a community of redeemed sinners who believe that we are called to follow Jesus and do what Jesus did.

Kenneth Levingston

Senior Pastor